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2020-2021 Academic Year Applications for Undergraduate and Vocational Programs

Dear International Applicants,

International Students Applications for 2020-2021 Academic Year, Vocational and Undergraduate Programs have been started. The Deadline is July 10, 2020, 17:00.

Please use the links below to learn more about the application process and available programs.


To access and send your online application please use the link below.



IMPORTANT: Do not forget to upload the documents listed below by clicking the button "choose file..." (see the visual below). 

The documents that has to be uploaded during online application. 

  1. Copy of a Passport
  2. Transcript (a certificate showing your grades of all years during your secondary school period)
  3. Diploma or Temporary Certificate of Graduation
  4. Official Exam Result (such as SAT, YÖS, etc.)
  5. Certificate of Language Proficiency (English or Turkish depending on the program that has been chosen). Click here to see the table for the accepted English Proficiency Exams.* 

*: Those who have been accepted to the programs but do not have any Certificate of Language Proficiency will participate in English Proficiency Examination or Turkish Proficiency Examination held by Başkent University.

IMPORTANT: Those who are applying by their diploma score are not required to provide their official exam result (item 4).





2020-2021 Academic Year Application Schedule
2020-2021 Academic Year Tuition Fees
Application Requirements:
Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Dentistry Other Faculties
Undergraduate Programs:
Language of Instruction: %100 English Programs
Language of Instruction: %30 English Programs
Language of Instruction: %100 Turkish Programs

Programs Accepting by Special Aptitude Examination
Vocational Programs:
Adana Vocational School of Health
Ankara Vocational School of Health
Ankara Vocational School of Social Sciences
Ankara Vocational School of Technical Sciences
Kahramankazan Vocational School
Konya Vocational School of Health
Anadolu OSB Vocational School


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