Uluslararası İlişkiler ve Değişim Programları Koordinatörlüğü



After the nomination by home university, students will be receive an official e-mail from Başkent University, which defines the Erasmus application procedure. After receiving this official e-mail, students need to fill the forms below and resend to the Başkent University International Relations and Exchange Programmes Office by e-mail or by post.

The documents for ERASMUS Incoming students can be downloaded from this page. All the documents should be filled by electronically.


1. PATHWAY FOR INCOMING STUDENTS: This form includes all the documents to be delivered to Erasmus Office.

2. APPLICATION FORMS FOR INCOMIG STUDENTS: Application Forms can be downloaded by clicking the name of the specific form below.

       ı. Student Application Form

      ıı. Registration Form

     ııı. Learning Agreement for Studies

     ııı. Learning Agreement for Traineeships

     ıv. Dormitory Application Form: Students do not want to stay our dormitories, do not need to  fill dormitory application form.

          Additional documents:

      v. Transcript of Records

      vı. First page of the passport

      vıı. 4 photos